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Opting Out is an Option: Thoughts on FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

A lot of people are talking about FOMO, especially as the US is opening back up after the pandemic. As everything and everyone starts to come out of quarantine and shelter in place, and we are feeling safer about being in public, it seems that a lot of people are feeling he push to rush back into life, and, rush back to returning to life at the same pace we’d all been keeping in the end of 2019 (if not faster). And, many people are layering this return to “normal” with an urgency to catch up for “lost” time, or, trying to cram in more during this time because we fear what’s to come after losing so much over the past 16 months. Because 2020 was a total sh*tshow, it’s reasonable to be cautious and concerned, but I think it’s amping up our anxiety.

In this episode I’m sharing about how it’s OK to slow down, and it’s also totally OK to Opt Out during this transition time. Maybe you realized that you like a slower pace of life while you were in quarantine. Maybe you discovered you needed more quiet time for yourself. And now that invitations are going out about social gatherings, and people getting together you might feel like you “should” go (and not really want to). 

I want to give you full permission to do a couple of things:

1. Take stock in what you really want to do. If you’re craving alone time, don’t feel like you need to go to an event, or go do anything. Opting out is an option.

2. Notice where you feel like things are “too much.” We’ve all just been through a lot, and our brains and nervous systems have been on high alert for over a year. We’ve been living in a time where even basic tasks were not as safe as usual, and it will take time to re-acclimate. If it feels like you’ve done enough today as far as socializing or going out in public goes, let it be enough. Opting out of doing more, or doing anything, is an option.


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