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10 Great Reasons to Start a Podcast

Podcasting has been an amazing way for me to learn new skills, meet new people, and grow a business. I would never have dreamed that when I started nearly 5 years ago that I would eventually have a business built around a show. Now, looking back, I want to share the ten reasons I feel that podcasts are a great fit for life coaches, doctors, and anyone in the healing arts. This week’s show will walk you through what I’ve learned, and why I recommend that you start a show, along with 10 Great Reasons to Start a Podcast.

10 Great Reasons to Start a Podcast

10 Great Reasons to Start a Podcast:

Increases the know / like / trust factor with people quickly
It’s a flexible way to express your creativity and interests
Podcasting establishes you as an expert, and can provide you with a way to explore skill sets if you are coming back into the workforce after having kids)
It’s a hobby that can grow into more (or doesn’t have to)
It sets you up to network like a champ and make connections in an authentic way
Its fun, and playful, which makes it easier to do
You can naturally grow your network
Learn new skills in your area of interest by asking your questions from experts
It’s a media outlet like no other (you’re in the same bucket with huge publishers)
A show gives you something to talk about in your marketing, giving you topics to include in newsletters and social media
It’s still a growing market where women are under-represented


Join host Paula Jenkins as she shares her ten great reasons to start a podcast for your small business. #podcast #entrepreneur #smallbusiness