Choosing Love Finding a Relationship When You're Single

Ep95: Choosing Love and Finding a Relationship When You’re Single with guest Kira Sabin

This week, Kira Sabin joins me to chat about choosing love and finding a relationship when you’re single. She’s the Troop Leader over at the League of Adventurous Singles where she encourages single women to embrace the awesomeness of singleness, take responsibility for what is “theirs,” and let go of whatever is holding them back. She leads singles to figure out what they want, how to love, making decisions based on love (not fear). She believes in adventures, breaking down walls, and revising mindset and confidence as the building blocks of discovering a relationship that feels right. Finding a relationship is a whole process and can be an uneven road to go down, that is why some will not get into a relationship until they are fully ready to commit, others won’t go for relationships on any level as they don’t feel secure in doing so and will turn to outlets like a japanese sex doll or something of a similar nature for their needs. No matter which way they go, people need to know that they are worthy of a relationship at any point, it is just getting into that mindset when they are ready.

There are so many different relationship types and arrangements in today’s world, so there are plenty of opportunities for women to find the right person they want to share their life with. Some women want to seek out their relationship on their own, whereas others may want to use a dating site. Some dating site interactions might lead to a night out together and then possibly a relationship. Products like True Pheromones make it easier for those meeting on a first date to really find each other attractive, so many people gain a connection soon after meeting that lasts a lifetime. Plus, with the amount of dating sites there are, the possibilities for relationships are endless. From sugar daddy sites, uniform dating sites to even explicit sex sites, there’s a lot. However, this is great because it means women can discover what they actually want and find a relationship that’s right for them.

Wish you could find a great relationship, but you're single and not sure how to do it? Relationship expert Kira Sabin joins podcast host Paula Jenkins to talk about love, dating, and finding a relationship. Click to listen and save for later.

The other thing we chat about, at the beginning of our discussion is our deep seated love of Judy Blume, and of Anne of Green Gables. Kira has worked on a cruise ship, visited Prince Edward Island (Anne’s home), and she and I get into the debate of which is better? The 1985 version of “Anne of Green Gables” or the brand new “Anne with an E” that is now out on Hulu? The votes are in and you’ll have to listen to hear the reviews.

In this episode, Kira and I talk about:
– Her childhood in Wisconsin, including her love of Judy Bloom and Beverly Cleary
– Anne of Green Gables
– How she became the Troop Leader of the League of Adventurous Singles
– That summer camp changed her life
– Choosing love and finding a relationship when you’re single
– How the media is skewing our views of what relationships “should” look like
– Why vulnerability is the key to forming deep relationships
– How each of us learned to love, and how it has an impact of how we look for a partner as adults
– Confirmation bias: what it is, and how it can impact how we find relationships
– What balance looks like for Kira
– That connection is the key to jump starting your own joy

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Anne of Green Gables from 1985