How to Live a Delightful, Curious, Joyful Superhero Life

Ep87: How to Live a Delightful, Curious, Joyful Superhero Life with guest Andrea Scher

This week, Andrea Scher joins me to share all about so many magical and joyful things, and how to find more of that magic and joy in your life. You may know Andrea from her blog, Superhero life, or from the popular and life changing class, Mondo Beyondo. She also just started her own podcast, The Creative Superheroes Podcast, which I have been enjoying immensely. She has an ease and a joy about her that just draws you in, and I know you’re going to love this episode because we hit it off. This week she shares all about how to live a delightful, curious, joyful superhero life.

How to Live a Delightful, Curious, Joyful Superhero Life

In our interview, Andrea shares all about how she started working in jewelry, and then very organically moved in to blogging and photography. She shares that she has created a life mission statement (that you can totally do as well), and she says “by profession I’m an artist and a life coach, but I’m actually a storyteller and healer,” and she lets that guide what she does.

This interview fits in with the theme for May, which is “Find what Fits” in so many ways. In listening to her heart and following her imagination, Andrea has found what fits in her business, and in life. In saying yes to the part of her that wants to make things, she’s crafted so many inspiring moments for people, from the wishing tree in front of her house, to inspiring a flash mob that blew bubbles in Dolores Park in San Francisco, to encouraging others to tap into their own creative genius; Andrea energetically embraces saying yes to things that she’s passionate about.

Here’s why I love this so much – Andrea shares near the end of the interview that “today could be normal or be magical and joyful,” and that at any moment, each of us could be a “source of delight and magic,” which ties so closely to what I feel about joy – that it’s a choice, and that we must keep choosing it every day. Joy is one of those emotions that draws us along, and helps us find the things in our lives that we’re supposed to do. It’s a choice, if we want to go tie notes on bicycle handlebars to cheer people on, or if we want to just go about our “normal” lives. And I love that Andrea says yes to the inspiration and follows it.

I also adore that Andrea shares how to get in tune with yourself enough to know what to follow in your life; she truly gets into the somatics (the body based reactions) to determine what fits – that we can determine what a “full body yes” feels like, versus what a “full body no” feels like, and how to tap into that to get more clarity in your decisions.

In this episode, Andrea and I talk about:
– How creating jewelry and blogging led to her working with photography and creating a community
– How she brings as much joy and magic as possible to what she does
– Her experience with grief, and how it’s been clarifying for her, both in life and on the podcast
– That joy is about connection
– The creation of Mondo Beyondo with Jen Lemen, and how that class came about
– How to the law of attraction has played a role in her life
– How to differentiate between what you REALLY want, and what does not fit for you, based on your body based, or somatic responses
– Her recent 21 Days of Magic class, and how she’s created a magical class for people who want to access their own creativity in new ways
– All about her wish tree, which she created out of simple supplies from Staples outside her house
– That we have the choice of making our days magical and joyful
– What harmony looks like for Andrea, and how being a part time parent has opened up new ways of being for her
– How to jumpstart your joy – by listening to the little whispers, and noticing what catches your attention.

Discover how to live a delightful, curious, joyful superhero life in this awesome interview with Andrea Scher and Paula Jenkins. Learn to look for joy and magic everywhere. Pin to save for later, or click to listen now.

Additional music in this episode: Ukelele by Bensound.