Celebrating Your Unique Voice

Ep82: Look Back Lessons: Celebrating Your Unique Voice and Message with guest Holly Becker

For episode 82, I’m super excited to revisit the interview with Holly Becker. You probably know her from decor8, the very popular interior design blog that she started a decade ago. She has inspired me and countless other bloggers and creative people to share their voice with the world, and led the charge in celebrating your unique voice.

Holly Becker of the blog decor8 shares about the importance of celebrating your unique voice in this look back episode of Jump Start Your Joy. www.jumpstartyourjoy.com

Here’s what really stood out for me, when I reflected on our discussion, was Holly’s never-ending encouragement for others to find their unique voice, and broadcast that into the world. She shares a lot about how we often see the outward, curated lives of other people and get discouraged when we try and find our own path, thinking that everyone else has it easier, or is doing it better than we are. And she talks about all of this with authenticity and love.

Here’s what Holly and I talk about in this episode:
– Holly’s early sparks of joy as a child: teaching bears and dolls, writing, and decorating with her Mom
– Her two companies: decor8, which is geared towards everything around decorating one’s home and blogging your way, which teaches bloggers about writing, styling, and photography for their blog and social media
– Holly’s shares about her early roles out of (and during) college as an HR Manager, Project Manager, and space planner
– the nudge that the universe gave Holly in a planning meeting that pushed her back towards her dreams of decorating, design, and interior work
– How timing and lightbulb moments play a big part in when we choose to make change in our life, and how we realize who we are meant to be
– My reflections on having been a “Blogging Your Way” student, and how Holly encourages people to find their own voice (it’s all about getting clear on who you are, and what inspires you)
– The power of hope, and the power of knowing that there is something bigger out there, and that each person has the ability to change their life and make themselves happy.
– What it takes to practice courage as you go after the thing that inspires you, especially in being an entrepreneur (“if you suck, or if you thrive, you can’t blame your boss, it’s you.”)
– Holly’s advice and thoughts on how to create a great blog (go listen to this part!! – at 27:00mins)
– A reminder that even though we see people online, and they are influencers, that no one is perfect, no matter how they present themselves online, and everyone starts somewhere. What matters is what YOU are doing, and try to look at your time blogging as something special you’re doing for yourself.
– How to keep going at blogging, even though it seems like “everyone is already saying what I’m saying” (and how to get over that)
– Holly’s thoughts on how to bring your dream into action (sit with your idea for a while, and form a support structure around your idea)
– How to Jump Start Joy in your life


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Decorate: 1,000 Design Ideas for Every Room in Your Home (Holly’s 1st book, which came out in 2011 on Amazon)
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