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Five Minute Friday: Plan

For such a very long time, it was so important for me to have a plan. For moments to be scheduled, for me to understand what was going on. This is how project managers are … and then, after much searching and wondering and thinking, I realized that I didn’t really love planning any more.

I like being organized, but I don’t revel in being the organizER.

And so, what to do? I was knee deep in commitments that meant I’d be heading towards getting a project management certificate and it felt ALL WRONG. I even had said on this blog that it was part of my big three year plan. But yet, with the rest of it, the life coaching, the planning to be on my own as an entrepreneur, getting a PM certification seemed – out of place.

That’s because it totally was. I’ve been such a planner for 15 years and then about 5 years ago it seemed to have lost its luster. It no longer excited me.

And it’s funny because what does excite me is people, and their stories, and how they fit into the big scheme of life. I like to know and understand people’s hearts. I want to help them understand themselves. I feel that it’s what I was put here to do.

Sure, there’s planning involved to get there, and I’ll have to have a plan to do a good deal of the work, but I’m ever so glad that I listened to my heart and am following what feels to be a truer calling.