A Sheepish Hello!

Welcoming Spirit has sat dormant for a year, and so I’m a bit sheepish as I come back and say a quiet “hello!” It’s been a year of big learnings, of bad jobs, and strange days.

I was trying so very hard to find balance, and over the course of two jobs in a year, only managed to find a couple of truly dysfunctional work places. Painful, as I’d joined up when two people I’d worked with before assured me that they were great places to work.

And so I kept looking, and have found my way back to a place where the people are kind, they like each other, and the work is doable.  It is a good feeling to laugh at work again, and to have a new friend who sits next to me. On days she deems “too quiet” she gets out a rubber pig and squeezes it a few times, and it makes a loud squealing noise and everyone laughs.

I swear these are my people 😉

And so, based on my search for balance, I also now have time for this. This blog, for you, for readers and community, and I’ve missed it.

I’ve got some ideas … a new logo (yay!), a new layout is on the way, and then I have this crazy list of 10 things I need to over the next three years.

So say hi, if you would. I’m glad you’re here and I’m glad I’m back.

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