$4 Bathtub Border for a Toddler

Zoom doesn’t really like to bathe. I get it, he’s 2 years old. He doesn’t like it when we wash his hair. Maybe our bathroom is a little … sterile? uninviting? for a two year old. Even with all of these toys, he hasn’t ever really taken to the bathtub.


I was shopping at the dollar store last weekend and saw these, which were 3 for $4. Just the thing to add a little pop of fun to an un-embellished bathtub. stickers It took about 20 minutes to put the stickers up in a border around the tub.

Bathtub Border

Bathtub with sticker border

And I added these along the back.

When Zoom woke up from his nap, he saw the stickers and said “Oooh, Shark.” And grabbed one of the extra turtles and slapped it up on the wall.

Bathtub with sticker border

Mission accomplished!

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