Master Bedroom: Ideas for Curtains, Fabric for the Chair

This evening we finished installing our baseboards. Nine months after we moved in! The next thing I really want to tackle in our house are some small updates to the master bedroom. When we moved in, we hung up some painter’s drop clothes as our curtains for the room. A great solution as they are neutral, and for a huge window, I think we spent about $40. We re-used the hardware the previous owners left. But the issue is that the drop clothes offer very little as far as darkening the room – we did actually consider putting in something like these plantation shutters london as they could help with the light situation while at the same time adding a touch of class to the room. And while they are neutral in color, they also don’t make much of a statement. You can see the curtains in the far left of this photo:

I think I’d like something with a bit more color, like these light robin’s egg blue (officially called “slate”) ones from World Market. They are velvet, and I think they would block out the light in the morning a bit better. In addition, my friend suggested that we should get privacy film for windows. I feel that could work well because I’m not a fan of keeping the curtains shut at all times. The dark window film can keep the sunlight bimmer and it also maintains our room privacy.

If we go with the bluer tones, though, I think that I’ll need to re-cover our chair, which is now red (it matches the large lumbar pillow on the center of the bed). I’ve been thinking that one of the following fabrics would be a good choice:

It’s possible that the chair could be one of those prints, and then some of the pillows for the bed could pull in the others. I’m trying to get a good sense of what would be best. It might mean that I need to get the curtains and blinds in place first. I’ll probably need to find a store that sells quality curtains and blinds peterborough or nearby. As for the curtains, looking at the prints near the curtain color in this post, I’m thinking the middle fabric might be the best bet.

Adding long curtains and blinds to windows can always add glamour and character to a room. Because there are so many designs and options to consider, choosing the right style for your home can be difficult. When faced with so many options, sometimes I feel overwhelmed too. So regarding the blinds for the kids’ room, I would be grateful for any suggestions you have.

What do you think?
Also, do you have any big plans to update any of your rooms?