Kitchen Curtains and Desk Revealed

Last week you guys saw the new wall color in the kitchen and repainted hutch. Now lets take a look to the right of the hutch!

Probably you are wondering why I went to so much trouble to redo my kitchen, when I could have simply hired a Montreal kitchen renovation company to do it for me. Well, the convenience of that route is undeniable, but I prefer to do it myself because I know I get a sense of satisfaction when I accomplish a project. At the end of the day, it feels so good to look at something you’ve created, knowing your hard work and perseverance have brought the space to life. So yes, we made a 29-inch wide desk to fit the space in between the hutch and the window. I’d been hoping for a place to store my things, and this seemed like a great place for the phone, calendar, and all the little “admin” stuff that it takes to run a household.


The desk is 2 stained boards; we bought the wood at Home Depot and cut it to fit the space. We fastened the boards together with two other smaller pieces of wood below the desk, and then used four Ikea desk legs at $3 each. The desk cost less than $20!

The chair is from St. Vincent de Paul in Oakland, and we picked it up for about $8. I spied it there one day and new it was just what I wanted for the kitchen. And the rug is from Target. I bought it before we moved in; there’s an odd stain on the linoleum by the sliding glass door. The previous owner had placed a rubber outdoor mat on the linoleum and it left an ugly brown stain. They really should have taken better care of it (perhaps they should have checked out this guide here:, then there wouldn’t be an odd stain).


You’ve likely noticed the curtains, too.I ordered this fabric back in July, and first mentioned it this post. I got the fabric, which is Gazebo Cloud by Braemore from Mary Jo’s, which had the best price.

I sewed the curtains by following this tutorial at House of Hepworths; I am so excited that they are lined! I broke out my sewing machine and it took one evening to finish them. The previous owners left an old set of Pottery Barn curtains that were too short, but when I ripped the hem along the bottom, they were the perfect length. It was funny to take apart expensive curtains to reuse the fabric, but I felt good about “up cycling them.


It was also a treat to see that John and Sherry at Young House Love had used this fabric for curtains in their recent book, and then again to cover their headboard. It’s such a lovely, water color-looking pattern, and I could not be happier to have it in the kitchen! 🙂

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