5 minute Friday

Five Minute Friday: A Matter of “Bravery” or a Love of Driving?

This week I’ve been out on business in Missouri. I like Missouri. My parents live here, although I never have. They moved after I was out of grad school.

I’m traveling with three coworkers. Instead of heading home with them today, I got a flight “home” on Sunday so I could head north to spend time with my parents. So this morning I picked up a rental car and drove myself to my vendor’s site.

The two other ladies that I am traveling with marveled at my decision to drive the three hours by myself to Kansas City. I, on the other hand, think nothing of this. I drove five hours by myself to get to college, back in those days. I’ve driven across the country three times. I think nothing at all of driving alone. Some people can find it quite worrying to drive alone, they may be scared just in case they get into an accident and there is no one there to help them out. Luckily as long as you are prepared you should be okay. However, if you get injured in this accident then you are going to need to take the necessary steps to ensure you are being cared for appropriately. Contacting your insurance company as well as an injury lawyer should be your first port of call once you are safe, so you can go through all the legalities. This is just a glimpse into what to do if you are driving alone under extreme circumstances, but honestly, I get it that not many would like to drive alone.

In fact, back when I was pregnant, one of the women leading a birth class asked what we would miss most when we had a newborn.

My answer?

“Driving… driving fast, with the windows open and the sunroof open and the music blaring. I will miss driving.”

I love the open road. I love the freedom. I love being on my own. I simply can not imagine being afraid of that freedom.

And here I am, just two years later, ready to drive. With loud music, on my way to see my amazing parents. These next three hours in a conference room will feel like an eternity.
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