House Update: Kitchen Painting and Decorating Plans

Moving home is one of the most stressful things you will ever have to experience in your life, and without having a sufficient plan in place, it can be hard to keep this stress at a minimum. Although, we were lucky. Not so long ago, our friends had made the decision to use a professional moving company like and recommended them to us when it came to moving all our possessions over. They did a great job helping them, and she thought they could do the same for us too. It was definitely worth considering, but we already had a moving company in place. However, that is not to say we won’t use them in the future.

Come to think of it, the kitchen was the only room in the house that we did not paint when we moved in a couple of months ago. I’m not quite sure what the reasoning was behind this, but it was just the room that we weren’t in a rush to complete. We were still going over designs and countertop options (we had been deliberating a lot over a few options for quartz countertops Phoenix and nearby areas), appliances and all the other nitty gritty of it all! If anything, we were still finding our feet after the moving process.

Once the moving process was over, our attentions turned to unpacking and getting everything sorted. I know some friends of mine would get the house in order before moving in – I have a friend who used a Gutter Cleaning Indianapolis company to make sure everything was flowing right in the rain as an example – but for us the priority was getting into the building. So, as you can imagine, the redecoration of the kitchen was put on the back-burner. I was busy hatching a plan, and that plan is hinging on the fabric I chose for the curtains. First, let’s check out the big sliding glass door we have in the kitchen. I might need to know what the safety measures first like ‘Can you burglar proof a glass door?‘ and all such things! However, lets get to my beautiful glass door:

plants and yard 066

Please, let’s also notice the major curtain failure that is present in that photo. Lovely, right? It was shortly after that moment (those curtains were in the master bedroom when we bought the house, so we just tried moving them) that I decided I’d just make my own. The fabric has been ordered (and it’s in the dining room waiting for me), and it looks like this:

The next decision was paint colors. The kitchen was a whole lotta brown. Brown walls, builder’s grade brown cabinets, and our brown hutch. Here is the cabinetry, taken while we were house hunting:
kitchen and cabinets.
And our hutch, with those brown walls:
Unpainted: kitchen and hutch
The plan, as of today is:
– paint the walls a dark gray (done!)
– hang beadboard wallpaper about 3/4s up the wall for an accent
– paint the hutch aqua, white and yellow (started last night)
– paint the cabinets – gray for the lowers, white for the uppers
– build a small desk for the right of the hutch in the photo above (supplies bought, top has been stained)
– sew new curtains, using the old ones as a liner
Here’s the hutch, with the gray wall behind it as of last night. I’m absoultely in love with the colors 🙂 and so excited to see this part of the house come together!
Hutch being painted