Kitchen Curtains: Billows of White, Teal, Gray and Yellow

Welcoming Spirit is not usually a “home decorating” blog. But now that I have a house to decorate, well, it seems like a natural addition to the mix. I have to hand it to the bloggers that manage to move and keep up with regular posts.

Our kitchen is begging to be repainted. And I mean, all of it. Check this place out (this was taken before we moved in). I really want pretty white cabinets. And I’m crazy enough to think we will be painting them.

kitchen and cabinets.
And on the other side, we’ve got this hutch, which is from IKEA about twelve years ago. I think it needs to be aqua or turquoise. (Note that this picture is from our old townhouse. Oh, I also wish I had a big eat-in kitchen.)

Dining Room with Rug
And then, there’s a big light filled window and sliding door. And that’s really what this post is about; what do we do with the slider as far as a window cover? Well, make curtains.

Considering the white cabinets, aqua/turquoise hutch, and gray walls that I want to go with, here are the fabrics that I liked most:

Sweet William – I love this William Morris inspired print and it’s wallpaper like quality:
Sweet William fabric from Tonic Living
Varenna Stone – a gorgeous and subtle Suzani pattern :
The bolder Varenna Sky – I’m drawn to the print but found it got very busy when made into curtains, which I found on Etsy but can’t seem to relocate:
Pom Pom Play, Spa:

Impressions by Ty Pennington – totally love this pattern and I can see bringing it in elsewhere in the house!

And Gazebo Cloud by Braemore:
I found this view of curtains that were made in Gazebo Cloud by Tonic Living, and I have to admit, I was totally sold. And at $15.98 a yard (on Mary Jo’s Fabrics), it was a good price compared to the others listed above.
I placed my order yesterday and can’t wait to get the fabric and make my first set of lined curtains.