Living Up to The Spirit in Me

This is my commitment.
from workisnotajob on Flickr

Over the past two days, I’ve been thinking a lot about my “work.” Not really so much my day to day job, but my life’s work. I’ve got to admit that when I have time, a moment here or there, my mind always drifts off to the Spiritual, the religious, the other worldly. I can’t help it, this is how I’m wired. I have this deep sense that somehow, someday, I am very much supposed to do more with this “calling” than I do now.

I don’t know what that path looks like. My journey has included studying religion, but now, well, I think I want to LIVE that. And I get to, some days, some times, when I lead retreats. I get to lose myself in that world, in that thinking. Seriously, I can lose hours as I study, research, brainstorm, for retreats.

The irony of this is not lost on me. At each retreat, I tell people to follow their passion, their dreams, to look for ways to make the things they love the thing the do with their days. But now I’m finding that I need to do that, too.

How do you live up to the Spirit in YOU?