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Happiness Project: Some Thoughts on Energy

January’s Happiness Project topic around these parts was “Energy.” About a month ago, I announced that I’d be tackling this list of items … so how did I do?

Sleep, and getting a new bed – check! We got our new bed set up last night and it’s like a little bit of heaven. I felt a little lift of happiness when Sean texted me this photo just moments ago; not only do we have a brand new bed but the old mattress, box spring, and frame was carted away by someone who needed a bed for her new apartment! Thanks for the years of good sleep!

Bye bye bed

Eating Right – check! mostly, at least. This month I tackled the weight gain I’d had over the holidays, and now I’m back at my 12/15 weight, so I lost a couple of pounds. Here’s the graph from Weight Watchers showing my overall progress 🙂 I started back on September 15, 2011:


Exercising – well, no. I mean, I run around after Zoom, but I did not add exercise to my routine. I will try to bring my walking to shoes to work sometime soon.

Speaking my mind – check! I may need to be more direct in some scenarios, and be clear about boundaries. I think “communication” is something that is a life long topic to tackle.

Lists – check! I set up a family list over at Cozi and I love that it tracks things I need to do, and it also provides a family calendar so we can do a Sunday night check-in each week. This has helped us a lot.

Decluttering – check! I have 3 big bags of items that need to go to Goodwill. Fingers crossed I can do that drop off this weekend. And! The old bed is gone. I should have hired something like skip bins sydney to make the decluttering process that much easier but I know for next time that is what I should do! As I was worried the bed would linger around the house and garage for weeks. I’m also committed to continuing to declutter throughout the month of February since it’s Flylady’s habit of the month 🙂

Tackling tasks that have been dragging on far too long – check! I went to the dermatologist yesterday. I moved one of my 401(k) accounts last week, I sent off some baby gifts to a friend and ordered a gift for another friend, I’ve got a hair cut scheduled for next week. There are still some other items to do, but I admittedly feel good about making a dent in the overall list.

Scheduling a vacation – check! we are going to be going to Kauai, and we have the accomodations and air fare all arranged. I need to get us a rental car.

I’m pretty pleased with of the things I completed in January. I can’t wait to dig in to the finances in February!

Next week I’m planning on doing a recap of what I learned during Energy month. Definitely some good lessons learned in my search to find ways to feel more energized.

Have a great weekend!