How to Make a Star Wars Sweatshirt for a Toddler

A few years ago, I fell for the super nerdy “Spaceships Tee” from Super 7. It has a bunch of different spaceships on it, and it was only made in men’s sizes. Here I am with it:

Star Wars Toddler Sweatshirt - me with the shirt

Perhaps you realize the error of my ways. Male nerds are drawn to this shirt, and the cool pictures are plastered all over, well, my chest. After a long day of awkward interactions, I sadly put it away for good.

And then I realized that while I’d never wear the shirt again, I could make something like a t-shirt quilt with it for Zoom by cutting up the pattern on the t-shirt. I envisioned a super awesome toddler Star Wars Sweatshirt. Here’s what I did!

I grabbed Zoom’s black 18 month size Circo (from Target) hoodie. This was $8.

Star Wars Toddler Sweatshirt - original sweatshirt

I cut my beloved shirt, taking part of the pattern, being sure to get the recognize-able AT-AT Walker and X-Wing Fighter:

Star Wars Toddler Sweatshirt - cutting the t-shirt

I pinned the cut outs on to the sweatshirt to make sure I had them just where I wanted them before sewing:


I sewed the t-shirt pieces on to the sweatshirt with black thread using my sewing machine. There’s no need for a hem or finishing as jersey doesn’t fray, and I liked the idea that it will curl a bit and look more “street” after Zoom wears it a bit:

Star Wars Toddler Sweatshirt - back

And here’s the pocket detail:

Star Wars Toddler Sweatshirt - front