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Happiness Project: Life Lessons, My List of the “Secrets of Adulthood”

As part of the Happiness Project, I’ve been thinking about some my favorite “life lessons.” Here they are, true, funny, real…and here I am, dancing in my front yard to celebrate 🙂

happiness projectRead the instructions all the way through before you start
Measure twice, cut once
Speak your mind, even if your lips tremble
Don’t rescue anyone who isn’t asking for help, and if you do, don’t expect them to thank you for your “help”
Work with and for people you respect and who respect you
Don’t drink beer through a straw
If you’re not sure if you need it or will use it, don’t buy it
Call your parents, and listen to them. You need each other.
Re-read books that you have loved to remember why you loved them
When it looks like you might be headed towards a fight with someone, ask yourself if it’s better to be right, or happy?
Look for ways to be better, not bitter
Take the time to hem your pants, and buy a sewing machine if you don’t have one
Stop taking yourself so seriously
Cherish and take time to remember those people who have passed away, and think of how they inspire you
Listen to your gut reactions about people, places, and events
Let people fail, let yourself fail – it means you are learning
Tell people you love them

Memorize and internalize the Prayer of Saint Francis
Practice Centering Prayer
Follow your passions
Treat everyone the way you would like to be treated
Take chances
Love un-apologetically
Relationships work when both people look for ways to make them work
Pack a pair of undies in your carry on, along with saline, a swimsuit, glasses, a snack, and a book
Instead of feeling sorry for yourself or feeling alone, plan something with and for your friends
Pa always says “Money on the barrel” – don’t live in debt, and save for the things you want

Do you have any great tid-bits to share? Please spill the beans!

Dancing the night away,