A Digital Daughter Returns Home: Published in Yale Reflections Magazine

Oh my. I got the happiest, loveliest call from my good friend Kathleen of “Joy
in the Chaos”
yesterday. She was calling to say that she’d gotten the latest copy of Yale
Divinity School’s “Reflections” magazine
and had just read my article. We laughed, talked about Halloween, and laughed some more. Kathy and I were room mates at Yale, living in the servant’s quarters of a big old house in New Haven. It was cold in the winter, too hot in the summer, and on one fateful Halloween the boiler blew up and flooded the basement. But, I digress.

It’s with much excitement that I announce that my article is included in the latest edition of “Reflections,” which is titled “iBelieve: Facing the New Media Explosion.” I wrote editor Ray Waddle a quick email a few months ago asking if I might provide a little piece on my experience, with digital advertising, retreat work, with my thoughts on being a “Digital Daughter.” Eventually, we got to about a 1400 word piece (up from what started as about 500), and wow! I got to tell a little of my own story about San Damiano.

You can see the list of other pieces here at the Reflections page. It will be available in a digital format soon, the irony being they needed each of us to sign a waiver to offer our articles online.