Two Podcast Highlights from This Week

Recently I’ve been listening to podcasts during my commute. Some of them have been especially noteworthy. Here are a two that I have found and are think are worth a listen (and isn’t it strange both are from March 13?):

The Spirit Indwelling – Cornerstone Church, Simi Valley from March 13, 2011
– I love the ideas of God’s making his home amongst us as discussed in this podcast. A really great discussion around how God’s home had been first found in a tent, amongst the Israelites, and later in the tabernacle of Jerusalem. Finally, that Spirit makes its home in Jesus, and with us, in the flesh. Obviously I like anything that has to do with the Spirit 🙂

Hyper Reality and the Bread of Life
– Matt Chandler, The Village Church from Sunday March 13, 2011.
This podcast really hits the heart of the matter, and Matt discusses how today’s media constantly provides us with unreasonable and overcharged versions of reality. I love his take on this!