Zoom-tastic! Zoom on the Plum Organics website!

Little Zoom recently was part of a photoshoot and today we can share his big modeling debut. He’s on the front page of the Plum Organics website! Check him out – and be sure to enter their “Babies for Yum” contest on Facebook.

Zoom loves basil!

Our shoot was about two months ago, and we had a wonderful time meeting some of the people at Plum and working with a local ad agency. Plum Organics really do care about their food, and the babies that eat it. It’s all organic, and I have to say, it tastes amazing (yes, I try everything I feed Zoom just so I know what it tastes like). Zoom ate Plum before the shoot and we LOVE their products. We were really excited to be a part of their campaign.