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Zoom Friday: Tea with Ladies and More Plum Updates!

On Thursday, Zoom and I ventured in to San Francisco with Nola (his Grandma, my Mom). We stopped off at Samovar Tea Room for lunch. It’s got such a light, airy feel, and has delicious food. Zoom had apples, some of Nola’s sandwich, and a lot of puffs. He loved it and was well behaved the whole time.


Then we went to SFMOMA and saw the Stein Collects exhibit. It’s the collection of the Stein family (Gertrude Stein being the most famous member of the family), and it was amazing. While the Steins were American (from SF!), they moved to Paris and while there, collected impressionist and modern artists’ work. They became close friends with many of the artists and had work by Cezanne, Matisse, and Picasso in their private collections, hanging in their homes. Just breath taking. It made me want to buy art by current artists, just to have beautiful things in our house.

Zoom saw some of the art, but it wore him out.


In other Zoom news, my sister pointed out that he’s also on the rules page of the Plum contest… again, with the hilarious captions 🙂 And, I think he’s going to be in some banner ads on Babble, and other blogging sites.

Here’s the rules page:


Happy Friday, everyone! Have any fun plans for this weekend? I think we might go to the BEACH!