Zoom Friday: 9 Months Old

It may be a strange time to start this up, but I thought it would be fun to start doing a monthly recap, corresponding to Zoom’s monthly birthdays. I’m borrowing this particular format from That Wife and thank her whole-heartedly for the inspiration!

Nicknames: Zoom, Doodle, Bunny, Poodle
Temperament: Quite Curious, crawling to explore new things, happy most of the time
Things I Could Do Without: The occasional screaming when you’re tired, or having to pull you away from the cords because you like to chew on them.
Item/Toy We Love The Most: The little freebie umbrella stroller, it’s nice to be able to take you on a walk whenever.
Items/Toys You Love The Most: Noah’s Arc or the Shapes Book I gave you when we went to Arizona.You love the big pink bear named Dandee and the Lambie, too.
Things I’m Loving Most Right Now: You crawl towards us so excitedly when we pick you up from day care, your complete joy when you’re laughing, your intensity when you’re trying to figure out new things.
Things You’re Loving Most Right Now: You love the light switch and know how to turn off the lights. You love the wipes box (still) and will open and shut that for a long time. And you love staring at the board books and turning the pages. The juicy orange picture and the purple flower picture are your favorites.
Sounds/Words: You make sounds like Mumumum and Daadaadaa, and bwob. These aren’t sounds you’ve connected to anyone or anything yet. You like to “sing” which is nonsense sounds you make when music is playing. And you make a screeching noise that I think I accidentally taught you.
Foods you like: Cantaloupe juice is your favorite. You like yogurt a lot, and started finger foods (puffs) this month, which you love. You really try just about anything, like tonight you had black beans, rice, tomato, and some tortilla. I’m glad you’re OK with trying foods of all flavors and textures.
New this month: You’ve been crawling on your knees, and you can army crawl really quickly. You understand questions and respond in actions to them. You can hold my hand when I ask, turn off the light, and you understood that you could touch the orange in the book when I told you. You pull yourself up, and yesterday Daddy found you standing in the Pack ‘n Play laughing at the fan.