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Redoing the Bins in our Side Table

Spicing up the little side table that I moved under our stairs was a multi-faceted project. If you recall, the table looked like this when it first was placed under the stairs:

I’d bought the bins specifically for the table in it’s new home, but I found their overly-matchy nature distracting once they were in the table. I wished I could find something unique, with all of the bins having a similar color scheme. And, I wanted something that matched our style and our home.

Then I went to Target and fell in love the with fabric in this table runner. Yellow has been one of my favorite colors for a very long time. These patterns were just bohemian enough to be fun, yet planned enough to look polished. I thought about it – why not cut one of these up and use it to recover the bins …. ???


I went home and had a discussion with my assistant. He quickly demonstrated how easy it would be to disassemble the bins and prepare them for a new cover.


After I measured out the cuts, I used a glue gun to attach the fabric. I also used some cloth napkins to cover the sides and back, those portions that wouldn’t be seen from the front of the sofa table. To finish off the bottom, I cut pieces of felt and glued those to the bottom. I wanted a smooth surface that would allow the bins to slide easily on the shelves.

Here are the redone bins from the front. See the grosgain ribbon on the bin on the upper left? I love how that turned out, it’s actually covering a rough edge. I ended up using the very last part of the scraps on the smallest bin. I lucked out in remembering that I had it handy, I feel like the white ribbon really helps tie in with the white of the table.


And here they are inside the table. I really like the vibe of the classic table lines and the funky bin fabric.

I still love getting to see the table in it’s new location, and really glad that we have a spot for all of Zoom’s stuff, along with other things like fabric shopping bags, camera cases, and some shoes near the door.

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