Monday Reflections: All of Life is Holy Ground by Craig Taubman

Recently, we went to an outdoor music festival at the Los Gatos Jewish Community Center. We’re always on the lookout for interesting events that offer music because Zoom loves it so much. We happened to get there in time to hear Craig Taubman, an artist out of LA and who came up to Norcal for this event.

I loved his music, especially the song “Holy Ground,” which you can see here on You Tube (complete with liturgical dancing!)

There was a magical moment for me, sitting on the grass, holding sweet little Zoom, and listening to this song. It really hit home that these are the things that I want to teach him. To love, respect, delight, and embrace all of creation. To use his words to praise and love others. To look for the beauty in everything he encounters. To understand that everything, everyone is Holy, and all of it is Holy because it was all created by God.

Taubman’s lyrics are simple and inspired. I hope to be able to use this song in a retreat sometime since it speaks such a deep, universal, spiritual truth. I’ve found myself listening to it on repeat in the car to and from work. Plain and simple, it makes me happy and makes me feel grounded.

All of Life is Holy Ground*
Every second, every minute, every hour, every day
Every thing, everyone, every place, every way
Where you walk
Where you stand
Where you love
Where you praise
All of life is Holy Ground

Every he, every she, every what, every who
It’s in her, its in them, it’s in me, it’s in you
In the bitter, in the sweet, in the calm and in the storm
All of life is Holy Ground

*reprinted here with permission from Craig Traubman