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A Walking Tour of Point Reyes Station, California

Last weekend we were up north, spending a few days on the coast. One of our favorite little towns near Tomales Bay is Point Reyes Station. It’s a tiny place, just one grocery store, a few shops and places to eat. Sean, Zoom and I wandered the town for a bit and I snapped photos on my iPhone. (My camera was ruined on the beach!)

We parked across the street from a pickup with a horse statue in the back. Someone had changed the sign from No Parking to No Barking:

The top of the building had great lines:
We stopped in a shop called  “Flower Power,” which made me giggle since it seemed to be a reference to San Francisco’s “Summer of Love.” Yet at the back of the store was this amazing, Italian inspired courtyard. Even the little birds near the chair were for sale. So inviting:
Another view of the courtyard at “Flower Power.”I’d love to sit in that Adirondack sunning and imagine I’m in Tuscany:
Walking around Point Reyes Station, we saw a vintage car parked between some buildings that made for a nice picture:
Irises were in bloom on the street corner:

California Poppies mixed with morning glories made for lovely contrast. I’ll have to remember this color combination for later, when I mix flowers in the back yard.
Point Reyes

And, even the compost company had a quaint and well done office:

Do you have a favorite small town to visit?