Zoom Friday: Zoom Discovers a New ‘Game’

In the last couple of weeks (since the Purim Parade), Zoom has really taken to sitting. He’s a very good sitter. One night I was getting him ready for bed and once he’d gotten in to his pajamas, I sat him up on the changing table. The top of the wipes container was still popped open; I’d used a wipe out when I changed his diaper moments earlier. Zoom leaned over and closed the wipes container. Being curious, I opened it again for him and yep! He reached over and closed it. Then he started reaching for my hand to open the top of the wipes again … and this continued. Each time he closed the container, I’d cheer and he’d smile and we’d start over.

So check this out…Here’s some of that great sitting. And some great drooling. Please take note of the wipes container, which is standing precariously open. It doesn’t stand a chance against Mister Zoom!


Better get that thing closed!


He’s quick! And, it’s closed! Look at those tasty dimpled baby fingers. (Do not look at the Costco wipes placed in the Huggies wipe container. We bought one container and have used it for six months now. We’re “frugal.”)


In other news, poor little Zoom has two ear infections. He’s good natured, though, and he doesn’t let it get him down. Tonight I caught him rubbing his ears as he was trying to get to sleep, but that’s about the extent of his symptoms.

Be sure and stay tuned on Fridays for more Zoom Reports! Have a wonderful weekend 🙂