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Zoom Friday: Lots of Laughs

This week, Zoom discovered a couple of important things. He learned to wave, and he learned to shake his head in the “no” direction. The waving thing happened last weekend, almost like something clicked for him and he realized what it meant when we were flopping our arms around and saying, “Oh, hi.” He doesn’t quite have control of the motion, but he’s really excited about it. On Saturday he was waving at me every time I came back in the room, so cute.

He also started shaking his head no, but I’m fairly sure he has no idea what it really means. Most of the time he’ll look at either Sean or I, shake his head, and start laughing. One morning, Sean caught him trying to get into a crawling position in his crib, and when he saw Sean he started shaking his head, laughing.

This week I got a video of the little gentleman laughing his butt off. I don’t know what prompted me to start filming, but you can tell that he’s cracking me up; whenever the camera shakes I’m also laughing, trying really hard not to snort.

Here’s Zoom, doing his thing: