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Zoom Friday: A Generous Kisser

Zoom Kiss triptych In addition to being a very good sitter, Zoom is a generous kisser. It started when he was quite young (as if he’s “old” now); you’d ask for a kiss and you’d get a sloppy lick on the cheek. Now, he’s more into what I call a “kiss-a-thon,” which generally involves a very vigorous hug, and then some good solid smooches on the cheek, or forehead, whatever’s available. And there’s often growling. It’s a thorough experience.

Sean took this set of photos this week. In any other situation, I probably wouldn’t be excited about my chins in the first frame, but I can’t say I care here. I actually asked Sean to send me the photos because I don’t want to forget these little moments. I know Zoom won’t be this size forever, and some day he probably won’t want to kiss his mama with such sincere and joyful excitement.

I’d like to think that being a mom helps remind me of what’s important. Being in the moment with Zoom is important. Babies have a remarkable way of living in the now, and by doing so, they remind us that we should spend more time in the moment ourselves. Guilt of the past, worries of the future, these things just rob us of the only moment we have, which is right now.

In many ways, Zoom is much a teacher for me as he is a student. We teach each other a lot, every day. I feel like our souls knew each other, somehow, before this lifetime. I wonder if by the simple fact that he was with God more recently than I was, that he brings with him the simple reminders of what it’s like to sit with the Eternal. His never ending joy, his delight in simple things, his exuberant way of showing his love, these are a connection to a bigger Love, a universal truth. His generous kisses are a gift and a reminder that each of us is loved beyond explanation and without reserve by Someone so very much bigger than any of us can comprehend. I’m grateful to have daily reminders of that Love, mirrored in the face of someone I love so very much.