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Review: Gluten Free Pizza Dough by French Meadow Bakery

Last time I was in Safeway (our grocery store) I noticed a special freezer section with several new gluten free items in it. All of them were by French Meadow Bakery, and I’d never tried any of their food before. I picked up a blueberry muffin and some of their frozen pizza dough.

Frozen Pizza Dough

The pizza dough comes in a two pack, each with their own little foil cooking tray, and they measure about 8 inches across.

Today I decided to try the pizza, and went with a standard sauce (Ragu is gluten free, and has no high fructose corn syrup), ground beef, and mozzarella cheese pizza. I cooked it for about 15 minutes at 450 degrees.

The Pizza is Cooking

It came out looking quite lovely. If you are gluten free, you’ll understand how excited I was to see that crispy crusty bit. Yum! We don’t get a treat like that every day!

Finished Gluten Free Pizza

The crust was good, a little soggy, but the flavor was like a wheat-laden crust. It stayed together well (sometimes gluten free items are overly crumbly), and I’m looking forward to eating the second one sometime soon. The blueberry muffin was straight up delicious; that was eaten so quickly that there are no photos to share.

The crusts ran about $6 for two, and the blueberry muffing, while small, was $2. I happened upon a couple of $1 off coupons, and used them both for this purchase. You can still get a coupon on their site, as of the time this post was written. Enjoy!