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Creating Cards to Share: A Retreat Activity

At our last retreat, “Living Joy to the Fullest,” we asked the participants to think of ways that they could do things for others. We were looking to ways to focus on how our actions can impact others, and bring joy to their lives, as well as our own. Kim and I are both big fans of card making, and so we decided to have a little creative breakout session. Instead of making cards for ourselves, though, we found three worthy causes to share our cards with: The St Raymond’s Eucharistic Ministers, Nana’s Box, and Afiveohfouruplifting. We let the retreatants know that we’d be donating the cards to these groups. Everyone was excited to create something beautiful to share with other people, even though these were people we’d never meet!

Here’s the whole set of cards we made, which I will ship out on Monday!

Cards for Charity

And some lovely details on some of our cards. The man who made this card thoughtfully placed tied ribbons on the front to go with the “connection” theme in the quote:

Card Close up

I love this message because it reminds me of my friend, Father Rusty. He likes to reflect on the metaphor of dance and relationships. In order to dance, you have to agree to lead and follow, to listen, to move together, and all of it changes every second. He likens this to the relationships we have with each other, and with God. Isn’t that lovely?

Card Close up

I’m super inspired by these and it’s really got my wheels churning on an idea…