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300th Post: A Recap of Welcoming Spirit

Big LagoonThis is my 300th post, and just today I hit 50 followers! I thought there would  be no better way to celebrate the last two and a half years by looking at some of the highlights. One of my hopes in writing this blog was to find a place to write about leading retreats. I’m grateful for all of you have come along for the journey this far. 🙂 Here are a few of my own favorite things:

My favorite posts have been those where I have shared something close to my heart with you all. Those at the top of the list for me have been:
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Google lists the top visited posts on this blog as these five, and I have to say that it always makes me giggle to think lots of people are searching for the term “ugly Christmas sweaters.” It’s even funnier to me that it’s my top viewed post, and yet, it does not have a single comment!
How to Make a Homemade Ugly Christmas Sweater
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I’ve made a few videos on this blog, and when I do a weekend long retreat, I really like to make a slideshow with pictures and images from the weekend. It’s a little cheesey, yet these still makes me smile and think of the people who came to participate.
Oh Beauty, Ever Ancient
Spiritual Pilates

In the past two and a half years, I’ve led five weekend retreats and six day retreats. When I started this blog, I had just led my first weekend retreat with Father Rusty. Each time I’m asked to speak, I get giddy and nervous. And I love it.

Last year, I became the leader of the San Damiano Young Adult Ministry team after our previous leader, Kevin, “retired.”

This year, San Damiano has asked me to join their Advisory Board, an invitation that humbles and delights me beyond words. San Damiano has become my second home. It is near my home town, and I feel completely at peace there. My prayer is that I can pay back to them all of the peace, love, and joy that they have given me.

I’ve received comments from a couple of published authors, and just thinking about them reading my words at all makes me goofball. It’s like when we saw Leonardo DiCaprio at a restaurant in Malibu once. I walked past him seven times when pretending to go to the bathroom. Reaaaal smooth.

There have been almost 30,000 visitors to this blog. This also astounds me. I thank each of you that’s come by and read a word, left a comment, spent a little time with me. I hope that your day was made a little brighter by your visit.

Over the next little bit, I’m hoping to do a thank you, and I’m working on a new “column” where I can share the stories of some of the people who inspire me. I’m working on the column now 🙂

And, while it’s not officially a “Zoom Friday,” I couldn’t end this post of highlights without a mention of my two favorite guys. Sean is my amazing, wonderful, loving partner in this crazy world. And Zoom is my curious, hilarious, joyful baby. Here’s his video debut, where he’s exploring his world.

Thank you all for an amazing two and a half years! I cherish each of you!