Purple Spring Flowers

It’s been raining here in California for the last week or so, which is actually unusual for the spring. We tend to get all of our rain in the winter, and then that tapers off into long dry summers.

This evening I was looking through my photographs of flowers and found these that I thought I’d share with you.

I pulled them together based on their similar purple tones. And then I started thinking about where I was when I took each of these photos, reliving happy memories with friends and family. I took each photo at a place that is special to me, clockwise from the upper left: 
Cosmos – San Damiano near the Labyrinth, taken on a retreat. This is where I lead retreats now.
Blue Flax (wildflower) – Kennolyn Camps, taken in a meadow at a memorial service for Aunt Marilyn. I was a camper, counselor, and director at Kennolyn.
Little cowbells – Filoli, taken on a trip with my sister and her husband, and Sean. I volunteered there for a year.
Anenome – San Damiano, in the main courtyard, taken on another retreat.
What have you taken photos of recently?