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Happy Purim: Hope from the Next Generation

Zoom attends a Jewish day care, and today was the Purim celebration. Purim is a Jewish holiday celebrating the deliverance of the Jewish people from the evil grips of King Haman (boooo!) under the leadership of Queen Ester and King Mordechai. In modern times, it’s celebrated with lots of costumes, silly fun, and yummy treats. It’s a fun holiday.

IMG_1932_2I took Zoom in to school dressed as his alter-ego, Super Zoom. Sean and I made his outfit – Sean sewed his cape and belt and made the mask out of sunglasses, by placing black felt on them. Zoom loved it, and just sat there smiling, wearing his mask. He was completely content.

Part of the celebration of the day involved singing songs in the Temple, led by the Rabbis and Cantor. Zoom loves singing and really enjoyed the clapping part! We sang about Shabbat Shalom (Peaceful Sabbath) and I felt big tears forming, hot and stingy in my eyes. I held back a full on cry, though. A roomful of sweet babies all singing about God’s Peace on Earth, in Hebrew, a language as old as civilization.

Parents and children were celebrating a deliverance from oppression and the goodness and happiness of being God’s chosen people. People who have suffered repeated oppression through the ages, and yet, here, with new hope and great love was a new generation, singing as loud as they could for Peace. These sweet children gave me new hope. I needed to see that Big Love in person today, when the world seems sad and when crisis seems to loom large. God showed up big time in that Temple, with arms open wide for all of us.

I held little Zoom tight and kissed him until he laughed, right there in the Temple. Thank God for my sweet baby, and the gift of new life, great hope, and a revived spirit. Shabbat Shalom!