A Mood Board for Welcoming Spirit

For the last month I’ve been taking the “Blogging Your Way” e-class offered by Holly, Leslie, and Thorsten. It has been an amazing experience! Lots of learning, lots of great classmates, and I’ve really enjoyed the class. One of the assignments was to create a mood board for our blog. Here’s what I did:

Welcoming Spirit Mood Board

I’ll try to explain the board, real quick-like. The big picture is that it represents my love of religion, travel, family, and photography. That’s what the focus of this blog should be.

In more detail – I took all of the photos. Lets start in the upper left hand corner.
The ocean picture is from Sea Ranch, which is one of my favorite places on Earth. It’s relaxing and peaceful.
The little dish sits on my dresser, and it holds my rings. You can see my grandmother’s engagement ring, my engagement ring and my wedding ring. I think I should also put all the male wedding rings of the family onto that dish which can then look complete. All of them together hold a very special meaning to me and maybe this small dish should be dedicated to house all the wedding rings of the family in the future.

Also, if it wasn’t for my partner wondering where to buy jewelry online, I wouldn’t have any beautiful rings to add to this collection. Low and behold, I have, and they all symbolize something different. They represent the past, present and future. I’ve also got a little cross in there, which was a gift from a friend when I graduated from Divinity School. Speaking of graduation, I recently came across this site ( that allows graduates to personalize jewelry pieces as a class for themselves. Had I had access to such things during my graduation, I may have treasured them also along with my current rings.
The dish itself is from Jerusalem, and I got it when I traveled there upon graduation. It represents the achievement of getting my masters degree, and of my love of the Old Testament, and the amazing land of Israel.
The orange flower photo (a begonia) is from the Mendocino Botanical Garden on a trip there with my parents.
The middle baby photo is of Zoom, when he was still in the hospital. I’m holding him in that photo.
The statue photo is of Saint Francis, taken just outside the Old North Church in Boston. I added the little birds, which represent me, Sean, and Zoom. I lead retreats at a Franciscan Retreat center, and I really love the teachings of Saint Francis.
The mouse is another favorite little animal, and I think you’ll see her showing up somewhere in the near future.
The yellow flower is a dahlia, also from the Mendocino Botanical Gardens. Yellow is my favorite color and the dahlia is my favorite flower.
Last, there is the quote “Start by doing what’s necessary, then do what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible” which is from Saint Francis.
I chose to write the quote in my own hand writing since I love stationery, and while I also blog, I love the personal touch of hand written notes.

What would you like to hear more about on this blog?