Sugar Doll Award

My friend Sheri tagged me for the very adorable “Sugar Doll Award.” Thank you Sheri! 🙂 And thank you for being a great blog friend. It’s been fun getting to know you!

So the rules are pretty easy, you tell 10 things about yourself and then tag 10 bloggers. Here we go…

1. For jobs, I’ve been a life guard, a shoe sales person, a camp director, been licensed to sell mutual funds, and been a project manager. It’s super hard to say which one I liked best.
2. I’ve had my car for 15 years, and it was the first big purchase I ever made. I got it just 2 years out of college.
3. My current job has had me working from home for the past 3 weeks. I have found out that it is definitely harder to work from home than from an office. I think I work more hours, and everything takes longer to do. I can’t wait for an office.
4. Me and my guy are likely moving in the next couple of months – mostly because my new office is across the SF Bay, in Oakland. I’d like to be closer to work, so we’ll split the difference in distance.
5. As a kid, I lived in 5 different states by the time I was 10. I think this made me very open to new experiences, and in a lot of ways made me much closer to my sister and family than other kids.
6. I have a small group of RL friends that I have known for ages. While we don’t talk as often as we used to, we’re still close and they mean the world to me. There are four of us, and we all roomed together when we were Sophomores at UC Santa Barbara.
7. I was (still am!) a sorority girl. I joined Gamma Phi Beta my Sophomore year in college. While I stayed very close to the group of three ladies I mentioned in #6, I am no longer in touch with any of my sorority sisters.
8. My favorite color is yellow and has been since I was about 6. I also really love orange-red. And red.
9. My birthday falls on Easter this year, and does that about every 10 years.
10. My new favorite food is gluten free waffles from Trader Joe’s.

And now for 10 bloggers, all of whom have brought joy and happiness to me as I read their blogs. Thank you, friends for sharing your lives with us here on the internet:

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