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Tis the Season to Give: Comments for Charity

Last weekend Sean and I packed up a bunch of very usable and gently worn items to donate. We usually go do a drop off at Goodwill, but this time we had some new stuff that someone else had asked we donate somewhere, too. I thought about how these clothes, towels and other items could be used right away and realized that a homeless or women’s shelter would be a great place for them.

We packed up the car, and took Joey (my sister’s dog) with us and headed out for Shelter Network in San Mateo. I’d worked at Shelter Network for a little while about ten years ago, so I knew they did good work. Once we were there, Joey charmed the folks, giving out kisses and love to people. He really is joy embodied in one small dog. What Shelter Network couldn’t use or didn’t need, we took to Goodwill.

Last week, Shannon over at the Nut House recently had a “Cans for Comments” campaign, and it really inspired me. She donated 30 cans for the comment she received. So cool!

I know that both Shelter Network and San Damiano Retreat (the place I lead retreats) could both use donations, so I figured I’d combine Shannon’s idea with those needs.

Starting today, and running through Christmas at midnight, I’ll be setting aside a dollar for every comment I get.* On December 26, I’ll tally those comments up and split the total to send a check to both San Damiano and Shelter Network.

So, leave a comment!! It’s going to a great cause 🙂

And tell me about how you’ve given this season below!

*The fine print: To be included in the tally, comments from guests must be made on the blog posts that I, Paula Jenkins, make on between December 11, 2009 through December 25, 2009 at 11:59pm. Any comments left by guests on posts from before 12/11/09 (ie any comments on post I’ve made before this one) or after 12/25/09 at 11:59pm will not be included in the tally. Comments must be “real” comments, any spam, or repetitive comments made by a single person or persons will be deleted and not be included in the tally. I reserve the right to delete any comments I do not feel are in the spirit of this give away.

The total dollar amount that I will donate will not to exceed $500, specifically, it shall not exceed a one time $250 donation to San Damiano Retreat Center in Danville, CA and shall not exceed a $250 one time donation to Shelter Network in San Mateo, California. Donations are based on the number of comments recieved on this blog and are subject to my discretion. Lastly, these donations are being made solely by me (Paula) and will be funded by my own savings. I have no idea if I’ll get 500 comments, but I sure hope that I do!!