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Thanksgiving In Vegas

Hi guys, I just floated in from Vegas. My family decided that this year, instead of everyone traveling to my parent’s house, we’d all fly to Vegas. We rented a house off of VRBO (Vacation Rental by Owner).

All in all, it was a great time. We did a decent amount of eating, played some games like Wise or Otherwise, saw a couple of shows (magic, and a Cirque show), and OK so we gambled. I decided to get my practice in with sites like as soon as I heard we were going to Vegas. I mean, it’s Vegas…you can’t not gamble when visiting, and I definitely did not want to embarrass myself with limited gambling knowledge in the casino capital! My favorite slot machine was “Wheel of Fortune,” and I did pretty well on it. However, when I play online, I’m partial to a few tries on the Agent Jane Blonde slot game. I quite like going online to play casino games, I can do it in my own time and be wherever I want to be, no pressure to get glammed up for the Vegas slots! Sites like let me do that so I am very happy there! I was playing the quarter slots and hit the 500 coin jackpot once, and the 400 coin one this morning in the airport. I met a Spanish guy at the airport who saw what I was doing and he came over to tell me about the online casino sites that he uses where you can try your hand at the slot machines – or “máquinas tragaperras”, as he called them – from the comfort of home and, from what I’ve seen, they do look pretty fun! I also had a great time shopping at Mandalay Bay. I’m planning on posting about that on Ruby & Caroline this week.

So here are a couple of artsy (or possibly ridiculous) shots from the trip.

Me, by the pool in the backyard. We like to take fake “glamor shots”:


At one casino (The Orleans), I ordered a chicken sandwich, prepared Gluten Free. The waitress said “Oh, OK, bun on the side,” and I half thought she was kidding:

Gluten free at The Orleans

Surreal lighting at The Tropicana produced by the sunlight bouncing off of other buildings:


These leaves were below the banister in the house we rented, very odd, but made for a decent picture:

Rental art

OK, and only in Vegas – dog toys in the shape of bras, panties, and briefs. I bought the black and white bra for my sister’s dog. Any guesses on what that brand name is in the bottom right hand corner?

Dog toys in Vegas

How was your Thanksgiving?