A Get Away to Olema – Cheese, Chickens and the Ocean

As some of the regulars know, I left my job for a new one. I’m gonna be honest here, I originally gave two weeks, but then decided I wanted more time off between jobs. And, I’d totally had it with my old job. So I cut that down to about seven days notice.

To celebrate the end of something and the beginning of something else, I’ve decided to be a “woman of leisure” for a couple of weeks. On Sunday, my guy and I went up to Olema to eat some cheese, drink some wine and take in the sites.

We stayed at the adorable “Olema Cottages,” which is an old farm house turned inn, complete with chickens. I totally loved the chickens and we started fondly calling them “The Ladies.” We also went to the somewhat famous “Cowgirl Creamery” and got some local cheese. Our favorite was the “Mount Tam” (short for Mount Tamalpais, a local mountain in Marin County) – it was buttery and delicious. I’m on a mission to get more tomorrow at the Ferry Building when I’m downtown.

On Monday we also went to an oyster farm, on Tomales Bay. This whole idea got into my head when my friend Antonio mentioned he’d been up there and had oysters. Then suddenly I was kind of obsessed with finding a way to get up there myself. I’m going to admit, I didn’t love the oysters as much as I thought I might. But the views of the bay and the surrounding area reminded me a little of Scotland, and it was gorgeous. Thanks for the tip, Antonio!

Monday included a stop at Point Reyes Seashore National Park, and a walk along the “Earthquake Trail”. On this path, you get to see the a fence that was split by 20 feet in the 1906 Earthquake. Totally fascinating.

Here are some pictures of our adventure. Up for tomorrow’s day of leisure: a hair appointment, I officially become a “lady who lunches,” and then I have an evening meeting to talk about our next retreat. I will also be doing some shopping.

Me, feeding the chickens at Olema Cottages
Feeding Chickens at Olema Cottages

The main building at Olema Cottages
The main house

Our appetizers: tomatoes from the inn, Mt Tam cheese from Cowgirl Creamery, and Fume Blanc by Ferrari Carano

A shot of a barn across Tomales Bay

Fog coming in over Tomales Bay
Where the river meets ...

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