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Retreat Theme: Be the Change You Seek

Our planning team met on Monday evening to go over our next retreat theme, which is “Be the Change You Seek.” The title comes from the quote by Ghandi. We agreed upon the theme after thinking about what’s been going on in our own lives. While we each meet up with a lot of external change, we realized that it’s often up to each of us to also model the kind of change we want to see in the world around us.

We’ve got lots of cool stuff planned for our day, including a service I’m still working on. The idea I’m working from on that is a small write up I did today at work, “let me have faith that things are in God’s hands, and that instead of focusing on the difficulties of this life, I look expectantly for the gifts of God’s work, whether they be apparent now or will be revealed later.”

It’s funny because there’s been so much change in my own work life recently. I know I mentioned that there had been layoffs, and my boss is now gone. On Monday, two of my co-workers resigned; they are going to another firm together. I realize I could feel further defeated, or like there’s even more on my own shoulders. Instead, I’m trying really hard to see this as an opportunity.

It’s hard because everyday brings new difficulties. It’s hard to stay focused and try to dig and make a difference where I can. It’s hard not to be pulled in to the rumors and gossip. I hope that by trying to remain positive, by being neutral when others are drawn to the negative, that I can make things a little better. It’s hard, but I am trying.

What kinds of change have you tried to bring about in your lives?