Some Dreamy Bedroom Ideas

I’ve been working on various rooms of our apartment, and the next up is the bedroom. I’ve been delighting in plain white backgrounds with punches of red. I thought that I liked the latest turquoise and coral theme, but then red kept showing up in my life. So, I think I need to go with with the universe is sending my direction.

Over our vacation, we were given this pretty watercolor painting by my guy’s artist grandfather. I see this in an oversize white frame, centered over the bed:

Here’s some of my additional inspiration:

Martha Stewart Living, June 2009 Beach House Bedroom:
A gorgeous reddish bedroom from Gabbi Tubs via Please Sir:

An idea to redo my bulletin board and update it to a more grownup and romantic framed look via Country Living (photo by Adrian Briscoe) – I have an idea of how to do this for cheap with my existing bulletin board:

Southern Living Habersham cottage – check out the gorgeous red nightstands.

And lastly, I’m drooling over this adorable white bedspread from Target, the Kissing Pleats bedspread: