Living Room Re-do: Before and After

I’d mentioned that we’d been putting some time into redoing the living room. We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this, we looked at things like these modern LED floor lamps from or just getting some brand new furniture. We spent ages thinking what would work best though. We live in an apartment, so we can’t update wall colors or window treatments. Luckily, our apartment complex is only about five years old, so have some pretty nice details like crown molding, a gas fireplace, and light / modern colors. Maybe in a while, we could opt to get some light fixtures for the living room, just to spruce it up a little more. I’ve heard that neon lights are all the rage now, and maybe I should look into websites like Neon Filter who tend to specialize in making really personalized ones for their clients.

Back to our living room! Well, the ambience in the living room was feeling dated, and dark. The bookshelf felt small, the coffee table was too high. So, really without further delay… our before and afters

Before, Christmas 2005. Note the location of the Florio poster.

Before, April 2009. The placement of the poster is now baffling, right?

After, taken today!

And a few more shots of the room:Taken from the hall way

Taken from the kitchen

Cactus and tulips on the coffee table

The furniture that was changed over the past three months were:
– book shelf by Thomas O’brian from Target (birthday gift from Mom and Dad! Thanks again 🙂 )
– Mendocino coffee table and side table, from Walmart (I’m shocked!)
– floor lamp, from Orchard Supply Hardware
– small sphere lamp from IKEA
– dragon fern from Home Depot and pot from IKEA
– pillows – Target and Marshalls (a how to will follow on those in a few days!)
– set of four botanical prints from This Young House, frames from IKEA (birthday gift from my guy – Thanks honey!)

And these things were bought new:
– cactus from Orchard Supply Hardware (ceramic pot was old, from a yard sale)
– tulip vase (a light fixture!) from OSH
– white plant holders from OSH
– ceramic white rhino from Z gallery (a birthday gift from my guy – Thank You!)
– wicker spheres found at Pier One for $1.50 each
– small box under coffee table found at Tuesday Morning by my guy! (another how to coming up!)
– moss terrarium supplies from Tuesday Morning, & Petco (another how to in the making!)

The aim of doing this update was to keep the cost low and give the room an airy feel. I am super please with how it came out. It feels quite welcoming now.