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‘The Dance of Life’ and Flower Notecards

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A winner will be chosen and announced over the next day or so. thank you for visiting!

In honor of spring and celebrating life, I’m pleased to announce the first giveaway on Welcoming Spirit. I’ve picked out a couple spring-like treats to share, and hope our winner will really enjoy them.

So check this out! The winner will get a copy of Henri Nouwen’s book “The Dance of Life” and a set of six flower photo notecards made by me! It’s just a little way of sharing a couple of things that have brought me joy as a big fat thank you to everyone who stops by here and spends some time with the blog.

Henri Nouwen is a gifted Christian/spiritual writer. I have really delighted in reading his works, they are full of insight and humor, and he has a beautiful way of seeing the work of Creation in tiny moments of life. One of my favorite quotes from Nouwen is “The reward of choosing joy is joy itself.”

The Dance of Life is a collection of the work of Henri Nouwen edited by Michael Ford, and it’s a great introduction to Nouwen. The chapters take you through some of life’s challenges with passages from Nouwen’s various writings. I know you’ll just love him.

The notecards feature photographs of flowers that I have taken over the past few years. I adore flowers, and find that I am drawn in by their individual features and details, with their shining faces being quite like that of humans. Each one is different and beautiful in its creation. So, I’m throwing in six notecards, similar to the ones here. The cards to the left are just a sample of some of the ones I can make – I plan to customize the choices whoever wins, they’ll just need to tell me their favorite color or flower, I will pick photos that match their tastes!

So the rules – to enter you just comment below. Tell me your favorite part of Spring. Only one entry per email/blog name/person. Entries will be accepted until Sunday, March 29th at 11:59pm. A winner will be selected using, and I’ll post a screenshot to show the winner’s number. You do need to give a valid email address so I can contact you and find out where to mail your prize. And, the winner will need to have a mailing address in either the US or Canada.

Good luck to all! And thank you again for spending time with Welcoming Spirit!