Reflections From the Retreat

It’s a great day at San Damiano. The group here is awesome and they are truly embracing the theme of “spiritual pilates.”. Indeed, many are doing deep soul work and reflecting on their own time in the desert. It is good to see Grace in action as people open up, share and wrestle with the tough questions. We are met with “wilderness experiences” ( think Israelites in the desert, or Jesus spending 40 days and nights in the desert) and those journeys have two distinct parts: both inscape and landscape. Inscape is what goes on inside. What makes each of unique. We each have our own passions and gifts. We each have our own demons and wilderness to conquer, inside. Landscape is the exterior forces we each meet. They are the circumstances of our current situation.

In the middle sits the human. Faced with internal and external forces. When we triumph over tough times, we learn and change. And we are often made aware of a deep seated truth. Grace in these times reminds us we are loved. Totally. Unconditionally. Loved.