Ready for Saturday: Retreat in a Box!

Our next Young Adult Day retreat is on Saturday. Our theme this time around is “Living the Retreat Every Day of the Week,” or … “Retreat in a Box.” (Yes, there were many references to SNL around ‘Retreat in a Box’ including much singing and laughing and strange gesturing. No, Ron and Kevin will not be doing a skit.)

I’m going to be giving a little opening chat on Spiritual Maintenance early in the day, and then we’ll break out into smaller groups to talk about Lectio Divina, praying the Rosary, Meditation or free time. It should be nice. I’m definitely looking forward to it.

We’re also getting some “to go” bags ready for the attendees. The idea is that we want to give them stuff to take with them that will help them in continuing in living the retreat after they leave. I can’t tell everything in the bag, but I’ll post pictures over the weekend. You know, we’re just top secret about this stuff.

But the sneak peek – I’ll be getting at least 2 boxes from Amazon and one from Oriental Trading at work in the next couple of days!

What do you do to keep on top of your spiritual game everyday?