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Friday Music: Earl J. Rivard

This Friday, I bring you the music of a dear friend, Earl J. Rivard. Earl and I met working on retreats together, and he is a gifted and amazing singer and song writer. My very favorite cover that Earl does is “Fly like a bird,” but alas I do not have that song available to share. Suffice to say, if you ever have the chance to see Earl live, you need to go. You’ll be amazed.

Today, I’m sharing another favorite song, and the first song that he ever wrote, which is “Shackled.” I love the music, and I love the raw emotion that infuses the lyrics. While I can dance around my apartment to this one, I also can appreciate the message and words of this song. Who can really resist a song about unrequited love?

Shackled from Paula on Vimeo.