Our Dining Room “Valet”

I have something very silly to share. Back when we re-arranged our dining room and got some new furniture, I decided that I very much wanted to move some of the “stuff” that had accumulated on our kitchen counter to a new space. We had a big box of charging chords for phones, camera, rechargeable batteries placed next to an outlet on our kitchen counter. The great thing is that it was convienient to get a chord and leave the phone there over night while it charged. The bad thing was the placement; this was one of the first things you saw when you entered our front door, and the area tended to become an unsightly cluttered hot spot.

So when we had the new buffet set up and ready to go, I recalled a clever idea I’d seen countless places, the electronic “valet,” like this one that I located the “gadget bargains,” to the right. This little invention allows you a single place to plug in all of your electronic items, and they run from between about $15 and $158 by a quick survey this evening on various models online. I’ll admit, I like the idea, but it always seemed like an expensive item, not something I could justify purchasing.

With a new space on our “buffet,” I realized I could do with a valet tray of my own. I took the basket that already housed all of the chords and other electronic accessories and put it on a serving tray in the dining room. Next I ran an extension chord from behind the buffet and passed it through the handle of the serving tray, so that when the electronics are unplugged, the extension chord doesn’t fall behind the buffet causing frustration. When I’m charging something, the electronic item sits in the tray and can’t get knocked off. When nothing is being charged, the chords go away and I put a picture frame in front of the unseemly extension chord. And what you have is this… a home made valet that cost $3, and could have been free if we didn’t need a new extension chord.