A New Idea for Welcoming Spirit: Book Reviews

OK, so its not really new. But it’s new here!

I get these really great alumni magazines from UCSB (UC Santa Barbara, go Gauchos!) and Yale, and lots of times they have announcements of faculty or alumni books that have been published in the last year, with a little blurb about the books.

I keep these magazines, on the coffee table, often far past any sort of reasonable amount of time. Like the copy of “Spectrum” from YDS that I finally leafed through last night, dated “Winter 2008.” When I picked it up, I thought “oh, good, I’m getting to this in the right season.” Wrong! It was from January, 2008. ouch. That thing had sat on my coffee table for 12 months.

But what I did find was this cool book called “Brand Jesus: Christianity in a Consumerist Age,” which piqued my interest. I’m ordering that sucker tonight, and I’m going to read and review it here.