As we close our first night

I am blessed to be here in this beautiful place surrounded by so many good people. I am humbled to be a part of their retreat experience, honored to be a part of this threshold experience for each of them.

Some of my early thoughts are around the many doorways that were printed out. Each door had it's own story, it's own maker and owner, it's own history. Each door inspired some one to photograph it and to have the courage to share that photograph. The long daisy chain of events that transpired to bring each of those photos into being is inspiring. And, that each of those sixty images were picked by yet another individual, who found something inspiring in them … Each image now finding a new home, living on as a reminder of this retreat?It is truly something that is larger than the sum of it's individual parts. I'm in awe that I had a part in the process and once again humbled by the enormity of God's intricate plan.