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The beach!

This weekend we are taking care of my sister’s dog, Joseph. In a little bit, we are going to take this young critter over to the beach at Half Moon Bay. He LOVES the beach, in a way that is so endearing. Here’s a picture that my mom took of him once, looking out the window at the water. You can tell he can’t wait to get out there.

We also have plans to have a Hawaiian themed dinner at our place next weekend. Partly in “honor” of our trip, but also to celebrate the friendship of a group of people I went to college with. It’s a joy to see that we’ve all remained friends. We’ll get to hear about Cris’ honeymoon, our trip to Maui, and get to visit with my friend’s new baby. I think it may be one of his first dinner parties 🙂

So, in order to get ready for this little shindig … I’ve been hunting all over for a nice Hawaiian table cloth. Why we didn’t pick one up at Walmart, I will never know. Anyway it goes, I know it will be a great night with amazing people.