A small write up in “Journeys”

The retreat planning team I work with was founded a few years ago by Sister Michelle L’Allier, a member of the Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls, Minnesota. She is an amazing, inspiring woman, with a great passion for retreat work and other ministry. We were sad to have her return to Minnesota a couple of years ago, and our team was presented with the task of continuing to plan, run and lead retreats without her.

What’s happened has been amazing. There is a core group of us, bound by friendship, and we continue her work. It is truly a labor of love, and while finding meeting time in the midst of busy schedules can be difficult, we are able to stay together and work hard at something that is truly bigger than each of us alone.

Beyond that, as Sister Michelle says, we’ve become like family to each other. One of the most profound parts of our monthly (or so) meetings is our check in. We each give an update about how our life is going, what our challenges and celebrations are. And in this sharing, we have come to know each other well. In our time together there have been businesses started, careers changed, babies born, races ran, relationships come and gone, baptisms, a CD released, improv comedy shared, and so much more. We are there for each other. Through it all.

Sister Michelle let us know that she’d included our little team and its successes in a recent article she wrote for “Journeys,” which is a publication by The Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls. It’s heart warming to be included in her article. Here it is, for you to read, share and celebrate: